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Unique & Effective.

Oilex is a unique, effective and ecologically sustainable product made in Germany. It is represented and distributed in Greece and Cyprus by Poseidon Marine Supplies Ltd.

Universal Absorbent.

It is a premium, organic, universal absorbent, with which all oils, fuels and a wide range of chemicals can be effectively absorbed – wherever a leckage may occur. 

Our committements.

Our committements to the future: make workplaces and roads safer, cut down on costs and act responsibly towards the environment.



  • OILEX absorbs leaked substances completely within seconds
  • OILEX can be collected easily
  • OILEX is universally applicable: An absorbant for all oils, fuels and a wide range of chemicals
  • OILEX works on all surfaces
  • OILEX can be disposed of cost efficiently due to its low weight Certified effectiveness: Materials Testing Institute (Materialprüfungsamt Nordrhein- Westfalen) in Dortmund, Germany

Absolute   Organic

OILEX is a hydrophobic biogenic sediment – 100% natural fiber without any additives

  • OILEX is non-toxic for humans and the environment
  • OILEX is completely biodegradable
  • OILEX guarantees no lasting contamination of soil or (ground-) water
  • OILEX can be thermally recycled Certified by the German Institute for Environmental Hygiene and Toxicology (Hygiene-Institut des Ruhrgebiets) in Gelsenkirchen, Germany


  • OILEX has a near 100% absorption rate
  • OLIEX can absorb up to 5-8 times its own weight
  • OILEX can be reused several times until it is completely saturated
  • With only 110 – 120 g/liter, OILEX is extremely lightweight, easy to handle and cost-efficient to transport
  • OILEX encapsulates absorbed substances and holds them even under pressure
  • OILEX is buoyant and hydrophobic


OILEX is a hydrophobic biogenic sediment. The natural fibre is environmentally friendly and non-toxic for human beings and animals.

As water flushes pollutants onto surfaces, the effects of OILEX are even better when used on wet surfaces. OILEX works in a hydrophobic manner, absorbs no water and can be used on any surface whatsoever.

In terms of effectiveness, OILEX is a true heavyweight. weight is approx. 5.5-6 kg per 50l bag (0.110-0.120 g/l). it is also especially light. This makes handling and disposal extremely efficient and transport is trouble-free. Even strong winds have little effect on OILEX, because the fibers react immediately when they come into contact with the surface from which the substances need to be absorbed. Moreover, the fibers stick to the substance and do not blow away.

Within seconds, the setting process takes place on all surfaces. OILEX has an absorption capacity of up to 100% and keeps the absorbed substances even under pressure.

OILEX can be used effectively on absolutely all surfaces. As a result, the possibilities when using OILEX are endless: From clearing up simple leakages on asphalt or other non-absorbent surfaces, environmental pollution on natural surfaces or even use on rough waters or seas. OILEX can be used as a preventative measure during repair work on land or at sea to directly absorb dangerous substances. OILEX can be employed to clear up acute contamination and to re-cultivate land that is already polluted. OILEX can even be used as an especially effective water filter or to clean tanks.

OILEX is able to absorb up to 5-8 times its own weight. It can be re-used until it is completely saturated. OILEX is very cost-effective to dispose of due to its low weight.


0 %

Crude oil, heavy fuel oil, marine fuel oil, heating oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, oil-based lubricants, petroleum, liquid paraffin, kitchen oil and animal oil.


0 %

Benzine, petrol, diesel and aviation fuels.


0 %

Alcoholic substances, hydrophobic solvents, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), styrenes, turpentine and a wide range of other chemicals.


0 %

Oil-based colors and paints, brake fluids, oil-based coolants, blood.

A list of all tested substances is available in our Download Area


The Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety divides all sorbents according to their areas of application into the following classes:

Type I: Special suitability for use on water.
Type II: For general use on land and smaller bodies of water.
Type III: For special needs cases, especially commercial and industrial applications.
Add. R: For oil absorbents that demonstrate sufficient grip on surfaces after treatment (especially when wet).

OILEX is certified according to:


OILEX is light and buoyant. Therefore, it works well on calm but also turbulent bodies of water. Spilled substances are absorbed immediately and completely. Even saturated OILEX does not sink down to bottom and can easily be suctioned off.


OILEX is 100% organic and absolutely non-toxic. In case of contaminated soils, OILEX can be spread out and mixed in; it thereby absorbs the spilled substance and can make a contribution to the re-cultivation of the soil.


OILEX absorbs leakages within seconds on industrial surfaces and asphalt. It does not get stuck in the pores of the road surface. This guarantees that up to 96% of the original road surface grip are quickly restored – ideal for all traffic areas.



OILEX is universally applicable on water, asphalt or on the ground and is used to
combat impurities and environmental catastrophes.

Oilex Products


OILEX is easy to handle, very versatile and even more efficient than other binders. We would like to convince you at your place in a one-to-one conversation or with a presentation to demonstrate the effective and efficient use of OILEX.


  • 50 Liter bag / approx. 7,5 kg
  • 10 Liter bucket / approx. 2,0 kg
  • 1 Liter pouch / approx. 0,15 kg

OILEX Pad mini
(20 x 30 cm)

OILEX Pad 3 chambers
(40 x 60 cm)

OILEX Pad 6 chambers
(80 x 60 cm)

OILEX Pad 9 chambers
(120 x 80 cm)

OILEX Boom 150
(150 cm long, 13 cm Ø)

OILEX Drum Pad 60
(37 cm Ø for 60l drum)

OILEX Drum Pad 200
(57 cm Ø for 220l drum)

OILEX Spreadman

OILEX Spill Kit

OILEX Spill Kit compact

OILEX Spill Kit antistatic



Accidents with oil and chemicals happen everywhere and frequently: Dripping hydraulic oil, leaking fuel, a barrel with chemicals that has accidentally been knocked over or a shipwrecked oil tanker. Regardless of whether you are dealing with a small leak or a big environmental catastrophe: Fast action, the right equipment and an effective absorbent that deals with a wide range of substances and that can be used on land as well as water is paramount … OILEX.

Also, OILEX is used for preventative purposes and as a filter today. The OILEX boom as an oil barrier in front of a drain on a sloping road, the OILEX pad in a marina under the gasoline-dripping outboard motor of a ship or OILEX as a binder for filtering harmful substances out of the process water of an industrial plant.

The list of applications of OILEX products is long – and it is getting longer every day.

Oil & Gas Industry, Refineries, Steel Industry etc.
Sea Ports, Marinas, Shipping etc.
Airports, Aviation etc.
Wastewater Treatment, Water Processing etc.
Fire Fighter, THW, Emergency Services etc.
Mechanical Engineering, Plant Construction, Hydraulic Systems etc.
Motor Sports, Petrol Stations, Garages etc.
Traffic, Logistics, Road Maintenance etc.
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